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business types
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Our Point of Sale (POS) enables cashiers to access to a wider variety of information about products that customers see at checkout.
To boost day-to-day pharmacy activities like reviewing prescriptions, preparing and monitoring the expiration dates are made easily with our edurdur pharmacy software.
Food Stores
With eDurdur POS, you manage any segment of your store by controlling the inventory, bills, and automated receipts.
Cloths Store
With powerful inventory management software and accurate financial records, you have all you need to run your clothes company.
Using our simple product import tools, you can easily add thousands of goods to simply manage your electronics store.
Gain more control over your inventory and inspire your sales representatives to perform more and better.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)

To focus on your business’s success and stop using manuals to save time and get things done by 1-click Does

Yes, eDURUDR supports businesses with multiple locations.

Yes, quotation management is one of the key functionalities.

We support you 24/7 via live chat, WhatsApp, call, email, SMS, and an online help desk with a wealth of information.

Running payroll is one of the key functionalities of eDURUDR.

Yes, eDURUDR allows you to easily adjust stock.

Yes, monthly reports are an essential feature of the eDURUDR software to make data-driven decisions.

eDURUDR POS is a versatile accounting solution for various businesses, including malls, pharmacies, food stores, apparel stores, cosmetics stores, and small to large corporations.

The real-time inventory monitoring system includes barcode scanning, invoicing, procurement, asset management, expense, revenue, accounts receivable, payable, payroll processing, reporting, , analytics and more.

Yes, you can import either a new purchase or a new balance.

Yes. You can download reports in Excel and PDF.

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Want to focus on your business’s success? Stop using manuals; automate with eDURDUR software.
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